The carpet dealer and UFO photo forger Arif is abducted by aliens. On the planet Gora, he makes friends with the android 216 and the prisoner Bob Marley Faruk. As a meteorite threatens Gora, a chance to escape rises. Commander Logar proposes to save Gora with a weapon if he is allowed to marry Princess Ceku. However, the weapon is not working and it is possible for Arif to activate the sacred stones of the four elements and to destroy the meteor. As a result Ceku's father, the Commander Tocha, denies Logar to marry his daughter. At this, Logar threatens to publicize photos, which show that Commander Tocha is homosexual. So Tocha complies. Arif and his friends escape with an access card and meet Garavel. He trains Arif and tells him the truth about Ceku: her biological father, an earthling, wanted to flee to Earth with his mistress and their daughter in a space ship, but he died. Thus Arif has to flee with Ceku now.

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BKM Film


Turkish (Stereo)

Dutch (Subtitles), English (Subtitles), French (Subtitles), German (Subtitles)

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