Max owns a small town photography studio, he’s 37 going on 17, and is having a difficult time these days juggling women. One of them—the one we like—is Sandi. Even though Sandi and Max had a disastrous one-night stand awhile back, she still brings Max fresh baked goodies in the morning from her bakery shop down the street. But this morning, something is different. Max’s studio is being watched by a man in a pickup truck. The man is Bill, the retired cop, but still tough as nails. Bill has been on edge lately. His beloved wife, Janet, is terminally ill and she has a dying request that Bill is here to fulfill. Sandi has been like a daughter to Bill and Janet. And together, they have a plan for her. Bill takes a police revolver, puts it under his jacket, and goes into Max’s photo studio. He begins interrogating Max about his failed marriage, his estranged children, and his womanizing. Becoming more uncomfortable with each question that Bill throws at him, Max finally asks Bill to leave. Bill answers this by pulling out his revolver and aiming at Max. At first, Max thinks it’s some kind of bizarre joke. But with a crack on the head from Bill’s pistol, Max quickly sees that this is no laughing matter. “Why are you doing this?” Max asks. Bill informs Max that either he proposes and marries the next woman that enters the studio…or Bill will kill him...and her. By the look in his determined eyes, Max knows it’s true. What happens in the next hour introduces an assortment of characters, among them an old woman who comes into Max’s studio for a passport photo, and winds up telling him her life story after a long and passionate kiss. Will this be the woman that Max marries? Meantime, outside in the streets, the Police are gathering to make a raid on Max's studio. He's fighting against time and Bill's ever-mounting outbursts which leads both of them to a final, unavoidable confrontation. All happening in real time, GET MARRIED OR DIE is a ticking time bomb that builds to a violent conclusion that will change everyone's lives forever.

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Cast & Crew


The Feinstein Company


English (Stereo, Dolby 5.1)


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