Florian is half-French, half-German and owns "Le Flo", a French delicatessen in Berlin specializing in Saucisson - French salami. (The Germans can't get enough of it.) Florian's French shop is a success but his love life is a French flop: he always falls in love with French girls, and it always ends badly - usually with something thrown at him. Florian's best friend is Jenny, a German girl who owns a bakery down the street. They've been best friends since they were kids. Jenny's been in love with Florian all her life but has never told him. Tonight, Florian has big plans: to ask Camille - the daughter of a French film director - to marry him. He bought the perfect ring, he hired the perfect band, he found the perfect restaurant. But... there's something he doesn't know about Camille.

Go with Le Flo stars fresh new faces, many from the legendary Bertolt Brecht Theatre - The Berliner Ensemble - with a special guest appearance by Italian film & TV star, Tommaso Ragno. Go with Le Flo explores what true love is, with plenty of twists and turns (some on a Vespa). Shot entirely in Berlin with cast and crew from 20 different countries, Go with Le Flo is truly an international labor of love!

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Under The Milky Way
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German (Stereo)
English (Subtitles), French (Subtitles), Italian (Subtitles), Spanish (Subtitles)

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