What's a girl to do when her family moves to a small town where "fun hasn't
been invented yet?" And where there is no girl’s hockey team? For Cathy Yarrow
(Megan Follows), the answer's simple: strap on her goalie pads and try out for the
boy's all-star team.
Local broadcaster Bum Johnston (Maury Chaykin) doesn't think a girl's place is in
a hockey arena. Nor does lumber magnate Bill Moss (Henry Ramer), the team’s sponsor.
But Cathy stands firm between the pipes, helping the team win games while winning
herself loyal allies in star player Spear Kozak (Yannick Bisson) and coach Willie
Liepert (Rick Moranis).
Hockey Night is a story of adolescent relationships, the struggles of small-town
politics and of triumph over the excessive expectations and pressures of the adult

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