Meet Nick (Nick Sandow) a Brooklyn playwright, actor, husband and father. With opening night a couple weeks away, Nick is caught between a rock and a hard place trying to balance work and family. When a devastating storm hits New York City, Nick welcomes the distraction of an old friend John (John Ventimiglia), recently washed out from the storm and years of drinking. John becomes a new playmate for Nick's son and babysitter while his wife Tamara (Tamara Malkin-Stuart) tries to keep the house together. As his play continues to flounder, Nick seeks advice from his muse, Lenny (Michael Imperioli) an agoraphobic sculpture and shut-in living in a mausoleum of detritus and ephemera. Trying to read the tea leaves, Nick fires his leading man, offering John, a once famous screen actor, a comeback role. Things backfire when John proves too unstable for the job. With days until the doors open, Nick unravels, testing Tamara's patience in a familiar tug-of-war. To make matters worse, Nick is pulled into a domestic dispute with Lenny and his live-in super Gene (Steve Schirrippa). Storm clouds clear and Nick makes the curtain call on opening night. The show must go on - in life, in love and on stage, in a colorful examination of the human condition, as told by middle-aged creatives in free-fall.

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