In an attempt to save her crumbling marriage, Remedios has organized a grand party in her home to celebrate the recent Pritzker Prize that her husband has won. However, things take a turn for the worst when on the morning of the party, she discovers her husband in their marital bed with another woman. Blinded by hysteria, despair, pain and the thirst for explanations, Remedios tries to scare her husband with a gun that, by whims of destiny, ends up killing him. With guests arriving in a few hours, and her oblivious son and daughter already on the way, Remedios must convince Berta, the maid of the house, to help her hide the body and host the greatest party of the century, without anyone noticing that the man of the hour is missing. With guests growing anxious, more mistresses coming out of the woodwork, and their daughter desperately seeking her father, things become increasingly complicated for Remedios to keep her secret, survive the pain of heartbreak and keep the truth from threatening the family nucleus. In the end, Remedios will have to face the truth to save what’s left of her hysterically dysfunctional family.

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