Who is an It Girl? When a young woman gets intense media coverage, her style is recognizable and copied, but it is not clear how she makes money to live a luxury lifestyle, she is almost certainly the It Girl. Actually, the girl gets this title for doing nothing. All she has to do is to care about her appearance, spend money in big amounts (received from parents or a husband, because It Girls work rarely), and attend parties and social gatherings, which are widely covered in the gossip columns of glossy magazines. The term was coined after the American writer Elinor Glyn first used it in the 1920s. She wrote the book “It”, on the basis of which the film was produced in 1927. Such type of the girl was the main character of the film. The concept of “It” reached global attention after the release of the film and the term became popular. Now It Girl is associated with a rich, idle young woman, a star of tabloids and subject of gossip and paparazzi. The main character of the film is a typical It Girl. Christina de la Roche sows her wild oats in Beverly Hills. She has just launched her reality show on TV and the producer predicts incredible success to her. You will see the underside of Hollywood and get an idea of how such shows are produced and how people achieve success in this business. It was hard to reveal the characters and characters’ relations in a 15-minute film therefore I am going to make a full-length film in the future. We will see new secrets of the dream factory, with more love and romance. The producer will eventually notice and assess Christina’s humane qualities he neglected before. And Christina, in her turn, will reassess her life.

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Cast & Crew

Dila Andersen
Alina Reyzelman
Alina Reyzelman
Alina Reyzelman




English (United States) (Stereo)


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