Across China and Vietnam, over 10,000 Asiatic black bears (moon bears) exist as prisoners, in crude coffin size cages. Deprived of all but the most basic necessities to keep them alive and forced to endure unimaginable pain and torment for up to 30 years, their abdomens and gall bladders are crudely penetrated by often infected catheters to collect bile for traditional Asian medicine, beauty products and even wine. In 1993, a British woman called Jill Robinson took a stand against this practice. With nothing more than her resolve, Jill peacefully and intelligently rose to begin an animal welfare movement that has now saved hundreds of bears, created two beautiful sanctuaries spanning over 180,000 square meters and has brought a foreseeable end to bile farming in Vietnam. Jill was not wealthy or privileged and the path was predictably difficult. But, she did it! She saw animal suffering that was perfectly legal in a politically charged and socially complicated country. Yet, she overcame the fury, emotion and inertia and made a change. In the most impactful way, Jill Robinson demonstrated that with the right resolve and attitude, one person CAN make a difference. Jill arrived in China in the early nineties where only one animal rights group existed. Now there are over 150, populated by young, dynamic and organized people who are appalled at the inhumane treatment of animals in general. And that is a remarkable situation that’s often overlooked in the West. The tide is changing thanks to Jill’s ability to reach out to the Asian community and facilitate a modern and humane way of thinking. There are no ‘shouty’ politics, no threatening rallies and no bolshie Western superlatives in the face of unpalatable Asian ‘traditions’. Jill has put in place a real and meaningful blueprint for change by working with bear bile farmers from the inside out. Narrated by actor, Peter Egan, this is Jill Robinson’s journey told from her own deeply personal and often emotional perspective. With contributions from Downton Abbey actress Lesley Nicol, Born Free founder, Virginia McKenna OBE and Guns ‘n’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum, we find out how, why and where it all began. From Jill’s most heartfelt and life-changing moment to the creation of a global organization, this is the remarkable story of one of the world’s most inspirational animal welfare heroes.

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