Agent David Lee is a highly skilled martial artist who travels the world taking on dangerous missions for the Director. Dealing with the pain of a love that was taken from him, he is unsure to love again. He has instead taken on the role of mentor to a group of orphan children as he trains them in the martial arts. While on the road to recovery, one day the Director asks David to revisit his fears. Unsolved case file 4315. The truth of the past comes to light as a crazed killer returns to haunt agent Lee and take everything that he has from him. To protect the one he loves, Lee must give everything he has. Will it be enough as John Kincaid unleashes his cadre of skilled ultimate fighters? Follow agent Lee as he seeks to put an end to the ghosts that follow him, and dare him to love again as his nightmares become reality. JJ Stomp explodes into action as agent David Lee, with the beautiful Maggie Dickey by his side as the lovely Amy. The sinister John Kincaid played by Edwin R. Olson has returned to threaten Lee's life by targeting the ones he loves. Agent Lee won't stand by as he faces off against his past. Kincaid invades Lee’s home. As Lee fights for his own life, fights to protect the woman he loves, and fights for a daughter he didn’t know that he had. The pain of the past sparks a rage to eliminate the threat of Kincaid and his ultimate warriors. To save the ones he loves, Lee has to entertain Kincaid in the ultimate martial arts showdown. Kincaid was mistaken to unleash Lee's martial arts skills. Agent David Lee becomes the most fearless, relentless, fighter. The likes of which Kincaid has never seen. Just who is unleashed?




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English (Stereo, Dolby 5.1)


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