They are everywhere. It doesn't matter where you look. People of all ages races and creeds are running. But why? We don't have to, it often hurts and causes damage both physical and mental. There's got to be more to it than just 'staying in shape'. Just One Step follows a trail of discovery that leads to a place you wouldn't expect. The Brain. And it's not necessarily all good. Ask any runner and they’ll likely give you a different answer than the runner next to them. It seems convoluted and complicated. But perhaps it’s not. Just One Step ventures into the world of running and runners to find what it is that compels not just them, but all of us. What is it that we as a species are doing out there on the tarmac, the track and the trail, running various distances from the very short to the almost inhumanely long? What are we doing, Why are we running?

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Dubious Honor Productions


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