It’s the 50th Anniversary of Camp Wahanowin, and this year the winners of the annual Olympiad will be crowned King and Queen of the camp. Twenty-year-old Will Cross arrives at Camp Wahanowin for his summer job as kitchen staff. Will is a confident and skilled wake boarder but being from a small town he is somewhat naïve to the ways of the big city kids. Twenty-year-old Cindy Keyes is returning to camp as a counselor. Cindy and her little sister Tracey have been coming to Camp Wahanowin their whole lives and are part of the tight-knit circle of rich and overly indulged staff and campers When Will and Cindy meet on the first day of camp, there is an instant mutual attraction. However, the social barrier between them is gigantic-never has a "kitchen boy" dated a "counselor"-it's unheard of and unacceptable! But will is determined to breakdown the "great divide" between them and win Cindy's heart. In order to do so he must challenge the long standing traditions of the camp and face Chase Gunn, blonde buff and taught in a final showdown for King of the Camp. With Cindy's help, Will comes to realize that becoming King of the Camp takes much more than beating Chase in a wake boarding competition.

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Bensondale Productions, Inc.


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