Having just passed her senior level skating test, 18 year old Carley Allisonsuddenly has difficulty breathing, and must learn to cope with what doctors aretelling her is sport-induced asthma. Coached by stoic Shin Amano, the formerJapanese Olympian, Carley is reminded that focus and training is what makes anathlete successful, and to push herself harder. As breathing becomesincreasingly difficult, Carley is given news that what she has is anything butasthma: it’s a rare form of malignant melanoma in her trachea, effectivelyrendering her one of the only people in the world ever to be diagnosed with it.Carley Allison is one in a billion. While dealing with this impending tragedy,Carley’s life finds new purpose after meeting her boyfriend, John. The coupleshare a deep bond while they race against time to experience the things thatmake their lives worth living: singing, skating, family and love.

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