An African mosquito bites Laddu Babu (Allari Naresh) who turns into a fat man weighing around 250 Kilos in just 3 weeks' time. His father Kistayya's (Kota Srinivasa Rao) desire is to sell the ancestral property and settle down in Goa but he can only do so, if his son Laddu Babu gets married. In his desperation to get Laddu Babu married, Kistayya goes out seeking the most unacceptable of brides. In this regard, Laddu Babu falls in love with Maaya (Poorna) and begins following her. Vexed with his father's desperate ways, he rebels only to be shunted out of his home. A schoolboy named Murthy (Atulith) supports Laddu Babu and convinces him to move in with him and his mother, Madhuri for a few days. Who is Murthy and why did he persuade Laddu Babu for friendship? And will Laddu Babu succeed in reducing his weight and marry Maaya, forms the rest of the story.




Maharadhi Films
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Telugu (Stereo, Dolby 5.1)
English (Subtitles)

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