Following an apocalyptic event, eight teenage girls attending a birthday party find themselves trapped in an underground apartment. As their isolation breeds paranoia, the gang become divided, battling against each other to maintain a sense of control in a seemingly hopeless situation. And it’s a situation made worse when one of the girls claims to have seen a mysterious man lurking in the basement. What begins as a neat female twist on Lord of the Flies meets Girls mutates into something far more beguiling and infinitely more unknowable. The uncanny world created by director Amanda Kramer is not only one of mistrust, jealousy and shifting allegiances, but also of eccentric style and playful design. A bona fide curiosity that is as hypnotic as it is dreamily intangible. With Stranger Things Maya Hawke, Captain Fantastic's Annalise Basso, The Runaways' Ariela Barer, and Odess Adlon.

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