A priest, a lawyer, a marine, a biker, an executive, a psychologist walk into a bar… Welcome to Murray's remote karaoke bar! Oh sure, everyone knows your name, but that's because Murray only has a handful of customers anymore. Pile on strict anti-smoking laws and Murray’s just too disheartened to keep the joint open any longer. He’s closing at eight! But when an unforeseen snow storm blows through just hours before his doors shut for good, Murray unexpectedly finds himself having to spend the entire night with an eclectic collection of stranded strangers from very different walks of life. Between bottomless drinks, fights, tears, laughs, karaoke, and smoky juke box music, bonds are formed, broken, and blown sky-high. A new life joins the party and an old one leaves. And when the snow plow arrives in the morning, no one goes home the same.

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