Heroes lead with their heart. LIFE IS LOVE is the provocative film about a group of inspirational young women and their highly controversial hero. Arguably, the world's most renowned leader in the movement to free and transform girls from the ravages of human trafficking, Somaly Mam, signs her books: "Life Is Love." TIME MAGAZINE recognized Somaly Mam as one of the 100 most influential women in the world today. Recently her story has come under media attack from Newsweek, creating a storm of outrage, her ousting from her own foundation, and then impassioned rebuttals from acting star Susan Sarandon, Marie Claire and more. Filmed prior to these debates, LIFE IS LOVE presents her story, and those of the young women who idolize her, raw and in their voice, allowing you to decide the truth. Much of the film shocks, much inspires and ultimately LIFE IS LOVE is an exploration of the best of humankind as well as the worst: from lies and brutality to compassion and love. The backdrop? Cambodia: the alluring land and people that hold the reputation of being both the Pearl of Asia as well as the place of Khmer Rouge outrages. LIFE IS LOVE stirs your senses and emotions, captivates your mind, and ultimately challenges your spirit to bring light to the darkness of humanity.

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