Los Abandonados: The story of the mysterious death of Alberto Nisman In 1994, the largest terrorist attack in the Western Hemisphere prior to the September 11th attacks occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The AMIA bombing – an attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, a Jewish community center – took the lives of 85 individuals and injured hundreds. The investigation into this bombing, initially characterized by procedural errors, eventually passed into the hands of Argentine prosecutor Natalio Alberto Nisman, who was appointed Special Prosecutor by President Néstor Kirchner in 2004. Mr. Nisman’s goal was to investigate the AMIA bombing, determine who was responsible, and bring them to justice. Mr. Nisman’s investigation spanned over a decade and involved an extensive analysis of leaked documents, foreign correspondences, and wiretaps. Through his investigation, Mr. Nisman determined that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran was responsible for planning the attack, and Hezbollah agents for carrying it out. As his investigation progressed, Mr. Nisman established that his own government attempted to cover-up the involvement of the Iranian suspects in order to restore certain trade relations. On January 14, 2015, Mr. Nisman accused Argentina’s current president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, along with Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman and other government officials, of covering up Iran’s alleged role in the AMIA bombing. Mr. Nisman was discovered dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound to the head four days later, hours before the prosecutor was set to present his findings to Argentina’s Congress. Initially reported as a suicide, Mr. Nisman’s death has become the subject of Argentine and international inquiry, with many individuals suspecting the involvement of a third party. Los Abandonados, an Electrolift Creative documentary, tells the story of the AMIA attack, Mr. Nisman’s investigation and his death through original, first-person reporting. This production features interviews with Argentine journalists, including Daniel Santoro (Clarín) and Hugo Alconada Mon (La Nación); public officials, such as former Secretary of Intelligence Miguel Ángel Toma; and incumbent National Deputies Elisa Carrió and Patricia Bullrich; among others. Through each individuals’ recollections of the AMIA attack, the progression of the investigation over the course of ten years, Mr. Nisman’s life, his prosecutorial efforts, and his subsequent death, Los Abandonados constructs a contextualized timeline that points at the nexus between Iranian terrorist activities, regional dynamics, and corruption embedded within the Argentine government. More than half a year after Mr. Nisman’s death, investigations are still ongoing, with no clear resolution in sight. By focusing on individual recounts, Los Abandonados aims to present a broad, comprehensive look at the AMIA tragedy in hopes that it will serve as a record of Mr. Nisman’s efforts and their importance to both Argentine society and international communities.

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