Figs is a typical sceptic youth who studies in the Delhi University. Lost in the realm of drugs and alcohol, he is rebellious about the ways of the world and is constantly escaping his thoughts. He starts to panic when his parents start to plan his future out and this combined with the shortage of Hash throws him off balance. He decides to head out on a road trip with his best friend Maggie and her boyfriend Niz in the search for the best hash in the world- M Cream. Unknown to him they are accompanied by their friend Jay who is out to write an article on making a free Tibet. Figs and Jay do not get along as she has contrasting thoughts to his but they later realise they are not so different. On this journey, they encounter various people across the Himalayas with different ways of life. The different perspectives open Figs up to the possiblity of changing his ideologies and he finally starts to understand the strange ways of the world.

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Agniputra Films


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