Malligadu (Srikanth) is a money minded marriage broker and owner of “Malligadu Marriage Bureau”. He is ready to make matches for anyone for the sake of money. He even offers a year’s guarantee for the marriages that are done through his bureau. He gets an offer to arrange a marriage for Madhu (Manochitra), who is a misogamist, an insurance agent and uses every trick in the world to sell a policy. Malligadu's policy is not to take any while Madhu's policy is not to get married. He works hard to change her mind. Meanwhile, Malligadu saves Bobby (Kishore) from committing suicide by achieving success in his love story. Chhotu Bhai (Brahmanandam) is a Don and wants Malligadu to find a girl for him as ACP Nayak (Posani Krishnamurali) will nab any goon, who is not happily married and settled. Will he be successful in searching a match for the Don? Will Malligadu survive the pressure and solve the problems in his face?




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