Paris, 1944. Marguerite (Mélanie Thierry) is a writer and member of the Resistance living under Nazi occupation. When her husband Robert is arrested by the Gestapo and deported to Dachau, Marguerite enters into a volatile cat-and-mouse relationship with Rabier (Benoît Magimel), a policeman and Nazi collaborator, to learn news about Robert. As the months wear on and POWs start to return home, Robert remains absent, forcing Marguerite to confront her grief and an increasingly dislocated existence in a postwar world. A haunting and vividly rendered adaptation of Marguerite Duras’s (HIROSHIMA, MON AMOUR) autobiography, MEMOIR OF WAR poetically evokes the inner life of one of the most revolutionary writers of the 20th century in this emotionally complex story of perseverance, loss, and the unexpected ways the act of waiting changes us.

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Critics Consensus: Memoir of War benefits from a magnetic performance by Mélanie Thierry, whose work is often enough to counter some of the film's fundamental flaws.

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