Nervous intern Everett Barnard returns to South Union Cardiac Hospital to get a residency with his mentor, Dr. Crick. Unknown to him, Crick found a cure for aging using techniques that Everett helped him develop. To mass produce it, he needs to extract enzyme from just one human subject. One problem: the process kills the subject (not exactly covered by insurance). Hospital CEO Ray LeGro, in league with Crick, discovers Crick’s actual plan to double-cross him, so LeGro fires him and prepares to expose him to the authorities. Out of desperation, Crick locks the hospital down and sets a mute madman loose inside to capture one victim for his twisted scheme. However, it’s Everett who is trapped inside, along with his hardened ex-girlfriend nurse, jealous chief resident friend, and a young, mortally wounded dancer who has only hours to live. Everett must race against time to escape the hospital, save his friends, and stop his mentor’s murderous experiments.

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