A well-qualified Vetri (Nivin) losses his job with US based IT Company, financially penniless. From here on the trouble begins… he takes loan from the dubious Vatti Raja (Simha) for his sister’s wedding. Later, given a final deadline by Vatti Raja, no matter what he has to fulfil the commitment. Vetri’s only support is his childhood sweetheart Veni (Nazriya Nazim) and his friend John. To pile up his troubles, his girlfriend Veni runs away from home as her father does not acknowledge their love. Vetri’s problems get worse when Veni’s father (Thambi Ramaiah) fixes her wedding with a man of his choice. To add fuel to the flare, his sister’s husband demands the pending dowry to start over his new found business. Finally Vetri’s friend arranges money and decides to settle Vatti Raja, but on the way Light House (Ramesh Thilak) steals his money. Now Vetri has little time left to settle Vatti Raja’s amount and fix his life. A rollercoster ride with thrills and fun on every twists and turns….

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Winner Bulls Films
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