Sophisticated socialite Cathy goes slumming post-symphony soiree and encounters brilliant, embittered blind pianist Dan (Dana
Andrews) tickling the keys in a back-alley Jazz joint. Dan's haunting, ethereal music enraptures Cathy, so much so that she hatches
a desperate scheme to pull Dan out of the long dark night of his soul. She pretends to be blind and destitute in order get past his
defenses, and secretly sponsors a music composition contest to get him to accept her charity. As the deception deepens to desire and
then love, can their romance survive the lies and bitterness that built it?
Stage and screen master craftsman John Cromwell directs accompanied by the superb musicianship of Hoagy Carmichael, the New York
Philharmonic, and Artur Rubinstein. Ethel Barrymore co-stars.

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