On Her Own tells the story of Nancy Prebilich and her family as they struggle to save their 5th generation farm during the Great Recession. When both of Nancy's parents suddenly pass away, Nancy, her sister Cindy, and Cindy's kids fight to stay afloat in the face of intensified financial instability and emotional loss. And while the ranch becomes more difficult to maintain, so do their relationships.On Her Own is about more than just one family's struggle to keep their land out of foreclosure. It represents what is happening all across the U.S. as houses are foreclosed, families are forced to move apart for purely economic reasons, and small farms face ruthless competition from larger factory farms and land developers. Without the physical and emotional support of their parents working the ranch, Nancy and her sister are forced to make even more sacrifices to keep it going. While Nancy remains strong-willed, Cindy and her kids discuss moving from California—and leaving Nancy—if they can't save the ranch.As Nancy leaves the ranch, so does her family—leaving California and Nancy behind. With land, legacy, and family all gone, she is left living out a pale facsimile of ranch life on a one-acre plot in a small town near the old homestead. We come to understand that the ranch was, in some essential way, the basis of the family ties. Without the land, there is little left to keep them together.

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