PARK CITY is the story of a filmmaking team that lose their movie and their minds. JOEY, an ambitious and jaded director, and HANNAH, a savvy producer, hit the road to the Sundance Film Festival with the 35mm film print of their movie, HEARTS AND CASH, in the trunk of their car. They’ve invited along their melodramatic lead actress, JILL, who insists upon bringing her cat everywhere she goes; as well as their glorified production assistant, DAVE, who documents their Sundance Adventure on his iPhone. The team’s first night at Sundance is full of both debauchery and failure, and ends with Hannah waking in a bathtub full of nachos in a wealthy family’s ski lodge, no idea how any of them got there. When Joey and Hannah check the trunk of the car, they discover that their film print is missing… and it’s supposed to screen in four hours. The team must re-trace their booze-hazy steps from the night before in an attempt to find their film. Along the way, Joey encounters his nemesis from film school, Jill teaches Hannah to dress like a hoe, a grumpy cab company manager’s lost-and-found is searched, and Dave is cock-blocked by a mudwrestling couch surfer. Will the team find the missing film before their world premiere at Sundance?

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Kiraly Pictures


English (Stereo)


Closed captions (CC) refer to subtitles in the available language with the addition of relevant non-dialogue information.

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