“I was there and life unfolded for ten years in front of me,” says Rory White of his time on Skid Row at the helm of the art studio he founded for the homeless, where the disenfranchised could discover their creative voice and the dispossessed could find a sense of belonging. Appearances are not always as they seem, for as much as this is a story about these nascent artists’ debt to their mentor, it is also a story of a mentor’s debt to his students. While Rory’s impact on those he touched resonates, his understanding of humanity and his own art expanded in a way he never expected. For decades, the poor, dispossessed, marginalized, and addicted have been herded and confined to Skid Row but many found refuge, comfort and even a path to a new life there. PASSING THROUGH celebrates the vibrant culture of this captivating place. Directed by 2-time winner and 13-time nominee DGA Director of the Year, Leslie Dektor.

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