History comes alive in the unforgettable epic motion picture Pearl Harbor, the spectacular blockbuster brought to the screen by Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay. Astounding visual and audio effects put you at the center of the event that changed the world -- that early Sunday morning in paradise when warplanes screamed across the peaceful skies of Pearl Harbor and jolted America into World War II. This real-life tale of catastrophic defeat, heroic victory, and personal courage focuses on the war's devastating impact on two daring young pilots, Ben Affleck (Armageddon) and Josh Hartnet (Black Hawk Down), and a beautiful, dedicated nurse, Kate Beckinsale (Serendipity). Pearl Harbor is extraordinary moviemaking -- a breathtaking reenactment of the "date which will live in infamy" and a heartfelt tribute to the men and women who lived it.

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Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
996 Ratings

996 Ratings


Critics Consensus: Pearl Harbor tries to be the Titanic of war movies, but it's just a tedious romance filled with laughably bad dialogue. The 40 minute action sequence is spectacular though.


Violent war story mixed with soapy love triangle.

Cast & Crew

Ben Affleck
Josh Hartnett
Kate Beckinsale
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Tom Sizemore
Jon Voight
Colm Feore
Alec Baldwin
William Lee Scott
Michael Shannon
Scott Wilson
Peter Firth
Greg Zola
Ewen Bremner
James King
Catherine Kellner
Jennifer Garner
Matt Davis
John Fujioka
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Dan Aykroyd
Reiley McClendon
Jesse James
William Fichtner
Steve Rankin
Brian Haley
David Hornsby
Graham Beckel
Howard Mungo
Randy Oglesby
Ping Wu
Stan Cahill
Kevin Wensing
Tom Everett
Tomas Arana
Beth Grant
Sara Rue
Sung Kang
Raphael Sbarge
Marty Belafsky
Yuji Okumoto
Josh Green
Ian Bohen
Michael Milhoan
Marco Gould
Andrew Bryniarski
Nicholas Downs
Tim Choate
John Diehl
Joe Kelly
Ron Harper
Ted McGinley
Madison Mason
Kim Coates
Andrew Baley
Glenn Morshower
Paul Francis
Scott Wiper
Eric Christian Olsen
Rod Biermann
Noriaki Kamata
Garret T. Sato
Eiji Inoue
Precious Chong
Jeff Wadlow
Will Gill Jr.
Seth Sakai
Curtis Anderson
Blaine Pate
John Pyper-Ferguson
Michael Shamus Wiles
Brett Pedigo
Toru M. Tanaka Jr.
Sean Gunn
Joshua Ackerman
Matt Casper
David Kaufman
L.L. Ginter
Joshua Aaron Gulledge
Guy Torry
Leland Orser
Peter James Smith
Mark Noon
Pat Healy
Thomas Wilson Brown
Chad Morgan
James Saito
Angel Sing
Tak Kubota
Robert Jayne
Vic Chao
Michael Gradilone
Fred Koehler
John Padget
Ben Easter
Cory Tucker
Abe Sylvia
Jason Liggett
Mark Panasuk
Bret Roberts
John Howry
Rufus Dorsey
Patrice Martinez
Rodney Bursiel
Rob McCabe
Brandon Lozano
Seiki Moriguchi
Brian D. Falk
Estevan Gonzalo
Christopher Stroop
Sean Faris
Vincent J. Inghilterra
Nicholas Farrell
Tony Curran
Viv Weatherall
Benjamin Farry
Daniel Mays
Michael Bay
Michael Bay
Jerry Bruckheimer
Randall Wallace


Touchstone Pictures


English (Stereo, Dolby 5.1)

Danish (Subtitles), Finnish (Subtitles), French (Subtitles, Stereo), Norwegian (Subtitles), Spanish (Subtitles), Swedish (Subtitles)


Closed captions (CC) refer to subtitles in the available language with the addition of relevant non-dialogue information.

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