What is an immigrant's typical experience in America? How does he envision the American Dream, how does he strive towards its promise of a better life for himself and his children? What does he sacrifice, and what does he gain? "PIZZA SHOP: An Italian-American Dream" introduces us to Charlie and Fred Osso, immigrant brothers from Calabria, Italy, who have run a successful pizzeria and restaurant in a strip mall in northern New Jersey for nearly forty years. Emigrating from impoverished post-war Italy with a rudimentary elementary-school education, they had little chance for advancement. Through hard work, resilience, and the opportunities provided in the U.S., they've thrived. Now in their seventies, they’re facing a forced relocation, construction of a new restaurant, their sons’ attempts to update the management style, and encroaching old age. But retirement is a dirty word to these workhorses: Charlie is serious and detail-oriented, with a short fuse and a soft center, while Fred is light-hearted and easy-going, a passionate chef and bon vivant. With humor and compassion, filmmaker Antony Osso explores how a Mom-and-Pop shop can be a vital hub for a community, the sacrifices parents make for their children, and what it means for immigrants when they live out the American dream.

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