An adaptation with a grim truth that life may sometimes spiral into disastrous consequences for innocents. The film revolves around the lives of two people- Karthik (Prasanna), a sauve, wealthy corporate honcho and Kasi (Vimal), a devout and sincere store assistant in a super market. Unaware of Karthik’s womanizing nature, Monica (Oviya) falls for him. Out of sheer lust, Karthi records their intimacies. Eventually Monica finds out that Karhtik is engaged to Pavitra (Inaya) and an argument ensues. In this heat of the moment, forgets and loses his smart phone. To Kasi’s (Vemal) fate, he pockets the lost smart phone on an impulse, feeling guilty but hesitant to return the device. He has no clue of the video it contains. Karthik is worried about his reputation, unable to file any complaint tries to recover the device. A dramatic thriller, how things get sorted out is the rest of the story.

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Magic Frames
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