1981. Civil War rages in El Salvador between government forces and guerrillas. Refugees flee to Los Angeles. Many are deported back to El Salvador and eventually form one of America’s largest human trafficking rings. This is the backdrop for “Relentless”, inspired by true events. Present Day. Holly Drew (Lauren Shaw) owns "Drew's Brews" a coffee roaster in Oregon. Since childhood she has traveled to the farm of their Salvadorian coffee suppliers. Holly's daughter Ally (Sydney Sweeney), spends the summer on the farm. One night, Ally is violently abducted. Holly immediately travels to San Salvador. Farm owners Ricardo and Milagro (Elpidia Carrillo) escort Holly to find "Fern" (David Castro), an ex-military Salvadorian, to enlist his help. They search the underbellies of Central America and Mexico. Holly unearths a dark human trafficking ring, linking Central American victims to a U.S. market, while racing a train to get her daughter back before she vanishes forever.

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