Rocket Perelman is a strange name for a commune in the middle of nowhere in Brandenburg. But the inhabitants of the Rocket are also a little unusual. The ten of them are attempting to live together as freely, independently and, most importantly, as happily as they can. There are no rules and certainly no ideologies to constrict them. Life is too exciting for such boundaries. Theatre, Trabis and sex play just as big a part in their everyday lives as art, drugs and shamanism do, and the Rocket is also a place for music, cybernetics and love. Then Jen moves into the commune. She leaves her soul-destroying job in the fashion industry behind and follows her old friend Till to the Rocket. It doesn't take long for the old fire to rekindle and they soon get together. Preparations for the commune's annual theatre performance are in full flow and Tobias, the community's founder, puts everything into getting the new show up and running. A three-protagonist piece, with Jen, Till and Miro taking on the lead roles. Former chef Miro is a long-standing member of the commune and is currently undertaking the challenging task of making a documentary about the Rocket. There are certainly easier projects, as all of the inhabitants have their own ideas about life in provincial Brandenburg. The theatre rehearsals progress at pace and, away from the stage, a more intensified relationship between Jen and Miro begins to develop. It's no everyday situation and soon they are all faced with the unavoidable question as to how much freedom love can endure. A question that probably not even the genius mathematician Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman would have an answer to and thus, what will be, must be: the opening show turns out to be an all-out disaster. The battle for Jen results in fisticuffs and other protracted conflicts within the commune come to light. Its strong characters threaten to break up the community and suddenly the questions being asked are more existential ones, it's suddenly about their integrity, about everything.

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