Zoey Slade finds herself uprooted from her Chicago home and dragged to a small town in Missouri by her widower father. They move into a spooky house, in a neighborhood filled to the brim with mean girls, creepy teachers, and secrets. When the always practical Zoey witnesses something she can’t explain at the school pool, her scientific foundations are rocked to the core. She turns to two local girls, Morgan and Tara, who are amateur ghost hunters. Morgan and Tara are reluctant at first to let Zoey help them with their paranormal clean- ups, but once they learn how to work together, they become a powerful team. While Zoey begins to finally find her place in her new home, a deeper threat is looming over the town. Several of the girls’ classmates go missing at the sinister carnival that just rolled into town, leaving Zoey, Morgan, and Tara to use every skill they’ve gained to investigate the source of the disappearances. The girls are put to the test as they face off against the centuries-old evil lurking inside the Carnival... Canaldi.

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English (Stereo)


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