Caught in the collision of two worlds, three gay and lesbian members of a conservative church wrestle with how to reconcile their faith and sexuality. David is a young man who spent five years in "ex-gay" therapy trying to become straight, but now he's falling in love with another man. Marcos was an Adventist pastor in Brazil who was fired for being gay. Can he find his calling again? And Sherri is a mom in the Midwest (along with her longtime partner) who wants her daughters to grow up with her faith and beliefs, even though she knows her church might not accept their family. Discovering you are gay in a close-knit faith community like Adventism often means loss and exile from all that has been home. Called the “best bridge-building film in this genre”, this character-driven documentary follows their raw and moving journeys as they wrestle with deep questions and struggle to find a place where they can integrate identity, love, and belief.

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