During a six-month stint inside a West Australian prison, rookie criminal JR (BRENTON THWAITES) meets the smart and enigmatic Brendan Lynch (EWAN McGREGOR). In exchange for protection on the inside, JR agrees to help Brendan get outside, hooking up with the influential Sam Lennox (JACEK KOMAN), hot-headed nephew Josh (TOM BUDGE) and his mysterious Eastern European girl Tasha (ALICIA VIKANDER). Becoming a father-like mentor to JR, Brendan convinces him to join on another high stakes job - robbing a Kalgoorlie gold mine. Operating on information from Sam, the team, including stunt driver Chris (NASH EDGERTON) Sterlo, and Josh attempt the impossible, busting into a super pit and stealing bars of gold just after they are poured. With millions of dollars and lives at stake, it’s hard to tell whom JR can trust, and whose side each player is actually on. And with his feelings for Tasha increasing, and his faith in Brendan decreasing, JR must figure out his next move… before its check, mate.

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3.7 out of 5
66 Ratings

66 Ratings


Critics Consensus: Gritty, stylish, and smart, Son of a Gun serves up plenty of genre thrills while offering a refreshing change of pace for Ewan McGregor.


Violent, vivid Aussie gangster film too edgy for most teens.

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