From the dirty streets and cool fields of low-income Ontario, Canada, comes the story of Sonny Johnns, a young man with Tourette's Syndrome. Fed up with his existence in an angry, co-dependent relationship with his maudlin mother and his tough-as-nails sister, Sonny spends his savings from years of disability payments to undergo an experimental procedure that promises to eradicate his symptoms. Now entirely cured of spontaneous outbursts, Sonny garners the courage to live a normal life - but not without a price. His sister, Meryl, moves out and his mother, no longer the center of Sonny's life, takes a turn for the worse, becoming dependent on her despicable boyfriend. Sonny also discovers that the surgery has somehow smothered an amazing supernatural gift he has had all his life - the uncanny ability to heal the sick and the dying. He meets Arielle, a lost soul like himself, and experiences love for the first time. Striking out on his own, Sonny feels he is finally leaving his oppressive past behind him. But as his "normal" life begins to unravel, Sonny realizes that perhaps his journey was less about becoming normal than voyaging back to himself, uncovering dark family secrets and discovering who he is and where he came from. A story of the truly extra-ordinary, littered with the fiery angst of a young man and his quest for the all-healing power of love.

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