Fred Trolleycar (Paul Lieberstein) struggles with intense, crippling back pain. After an appointment with the highly recommended Dr. Street (Paul Feig), Fred learns his back and neck problems are too complicated for treatment. As he works through the pain at his father’s law firm, where he has been a (very) long-term paralegal, Fred meets the beautiful, soon-to-be divorcee Regan Stearns (Rosemarie Dewitt). The two quickly form a bond, and she suggests he visit an acupuncturist—who discovers that Fred has a rather unique talent. The culmination of Fred’s stressful work environment, his tense relationship with his father and his feelings for still-married Regan fuel his back’s strange song. But as Fred finally begins to find relief for both his chronic pain and his persistent loneliness, he wonders if his problems are more psychological than physical.

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