The year is 1991, and Spud Milton’s (Troye Sivan) long walk to manhood is still creeping along at an unnervingly slow pace. Approaching the ripe old age of fifteen and still with no signs of the much anticipated ball-drop, Spud is coming to terms with the fact that he may well be a freak of nature. With a mother (Julie Summers) hell-bent on emigrating, a father (Aaron McIlroy) making a killing out of selling homemade moonshine, and a demented grandmother called Wombat (Christine Le Broq), the new year seems to offer little except extreme embarrassment and more mortifying Milton madness. But Spud is returning to a boarding school where he is no longer the youngest or the smallest. The Crazy Eight (Sven Ruygrok, Byron Langley, Blessing Xaba, Thomas Burne, Josh Goddard & Travis Hornsby) have an unusual new member and his house has a new clutch of first years - the Normal Seven. If Spud thinks his second year will be a breeze, however, he is seriously mistaken. He is soon beset with women trouble, coerced into misguided late night adventures, and finds his dreams of a famous career on the stage in tatters after landing the part of the Dove of Peace in a disastrous house play production of Noah’s Ark. Hilarious, bitter-sweet, tragic and real, join Spud as he takes another tentative step forward while all around him the madness continues. . .

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