Stay Tuned physically, mentally, intuitively… but really this is just a movie about having fun... and keeping your board tuned. Join us as we explore the shrinking world of winter, as this hopeful crew follows their hearts around the planet to find it. Come strap in with the Absinthe crew as they follow storms and explore new terrain around the world to find the best spots and conditions with the riders that captivate our hearts and minds… plus a bunch of fresh young characters, who are showing us the future right now. After a few years of mediocre snow fall it was Europe’s turn to host the beginning of winter. Hans Mindnich, Nicolas Müller, Severin Van Der Meer, Mikkel Bang, John Jackson and crew were there to search out new zones and send it in familiar ones (in Italy and Switzerland). As winter kicked into gear in North America, the rest of the crew tapped back into their favorite zones at home. And while the crew in the streets explored the North East, the rest of the crew were praising the pow in Utah, Tahoe, Wyoming and BC. As much as everyone “plans”, all we can do is Stay Tuned to where the weather tells us to go. If you are doing anything daily that makes every cell of your body scream “YES…THANK YOU”, you know you’re on a good frequency. Exploring winter is the best. May we continue doing it.

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