Teban, a troubled teen who recently got out of jail for petty theft, moves to tenement 66 with his older brother Tony and cousin Ron-ron in hopes of starting a new life away from the people who influenced him to commit crimes. In the tenement, he meets a teenage girl named Lea who immediately recognizes him from the mugshots in the newspapers. Lea invites Teban to rob one of their neighbors, Tatay Nando, who is rumored to be hiding a large amount of cash in his unit. Teban refuses, determined never to commit another crime in his life. But after his brother ends up in the hospital, with no money to pay for his bills, Teban is forced to reconsider. One night, Teban, Lea, and Ron-ron head up to Tatay Nando’s unit to rob him, but they soon find out that within the walls of the tenement are far more sinister figures whose crimes are worse than they could have imagined. They face these evil criminals while facing their own darkness.

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Dreamscape Entertainment; Epicmedia


Tagalog (Stereo)

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