THE ART OF MOTO is a documentary film that puts you inside the helmet of a professional motocross racer and on some of the gnarliest tracks in the country. Fly through the air and rip up the dirt with the fastest and most renown riders in the world. Find out how the sport began, evolved and eventually came to America. See the progression of talent, motorcycles, and tracks that have made motocross one of the world's most spectacular sports. Experience one of the most difficult parts of the race as 40 riders converge into the first corner. From the risk factors of the sport to the accomplishment and elation of finishing and winning, it covers all aspects. Roger DeCoster, Ricky Carmichael, Gary Jones, Ryan Dungey, Ashley Fiolek, Sara Price and many more will take you on a journey paralleled only by actual racing. You will learn what these individuals have contributed to this extreme sport, and the feelings all riders share when they're on, and off of their bikes. If you’re a rider, you will appreciate this celebration of the world's toughest sport. If you’ve never ridden in your life, sit back and enjoy the best perspective you can get without taking the risks these courageous racers face every time they are on the track.

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