THE BIG FREEZE takes young audiences to very cold places to see lots of things that FREEZE – ice, snow, glaciers, ice bergs, and even ice cream! We travel to Sapporo, Japan for the annual Snow Festival where artists build giant buildings, some as tall as 60’, that are made entirely out of snow. We go onboard a US Coast Guard ice breaker in the frozen Great Lakes and crunch through a 6’ layer of surface ice! We also visit Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory to see how they make great ice cream! And much more! THE BIG FREEZE is a live-action adventure that takes kids around the world -- from the world’s largest skating rink in Ottawa, Ontario to a giant glacier in the Canadian Rockies. The video shows how lots of different people work with snow and ice – from a snow artist in Japan to a glacier scientist in Canada to an ice cream tester in Vermont. We even ride in a giant ice explorer across a glacier. Another program in The BIG Adventure Series.

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