Chang Cheh is known for his revolutionary teen angst kung-fu films, his superheroic, grand guignol 'Venoms' series, his sweeping martial art epics, and the likes of this: 'Martial Arts World ' phantasmagoricals featuring demi-dieties of mythical kung-fu. The great international idol Alexander Fu Sheng stars as a wushu warrior who must learn the '18 Palms', the 'Nine Secrets', and be taught by the 'Seven Evils', to take vengeance on the man who killed his father - the Prince of the invading Chin Kingdom. With dazzling costumes, sets, and martial arts to fall back on, the director tests the mettle of future superstars Hui Ying-hung and Kuo Chue, who was to become the star of the 'Venoms' series as well as one of the most respected action choreographers in the world.

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