LONG ESTRANGED from his widowed mother, Keegan Dark is blessed with the uncanny ability to remember his life in videographic detail. And cursed by it as well — he’s unable to forget any of his life’s numerous tragedies. When he returns, boyfriend in tow, to his family’s vineyard estate to finally make amends, he is shocked to discover that his mother has remarried. He suddenly has a stepfather and stepbrother, both far more perfect than he could ever hope to be. As Keegan resigns himself to forever being on the outs, a series of mysterious — and ominous — events unfold. A mysterious assailant knocks him unconscious. His seemingly perfect stepbrother steals into the night, just before counterfeit wine bearing the family name floods the market. And a mysterious red truck, the getaway vehicle for a violent thug Keegan encountered earlier, is parked in an abandoned shack on the edge of the family property. His rash actions lead him to wrecking his car, both in an attempt to expose the deceptions of his step- brother and stall his new expulsion from his home — the repercussions of yet another rash move. His hospitalization exposes him to further dangers as, shortly after being interviewed by his medical doctor stepfather, Keegan is poisoned with errant medication. Even his boyfriend fails to believe him as his investigation of the night- time antics of his step-brother raises more question — and threatens to undermine his relationship with his boyfriend outright. His investigation is further derailed when his mother suddenly falls into a coma. Control of the estate falls to his stepfather, days before a financial windfall is set to make Keegan far wealthier than he could imagine. That fact provokes the suspicion of the town sheriff, who believes Keegan has the most to benefit from his mother’s demise. Then the only witness who can clear his name turns up dead, forcing Keegan to stay one step ahead of the police as he tries to prove his innocence. The threads of pain and deceit tie back to his home and the mysteries waiting therein. Keegan’s past comes back to haunt him as the key pain of his life — the death of his brother and father, a death that he unwillingly caused — motivates the mastermind of his troubles to reveal himself. In order for Keegan to save survive, one last drama must play out. His opponent knows Keegan’s heart and the dark pain contained within. Will Keegan succumb to that darkness or find the strength within to free himself forever?

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English (Stereo, Dolby 5.1)


Closed captions (CC) refer to subtitles in the available language with the addition of relevant non-dialogue information.

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