After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents as a young boy, Chance Templeton (Rick Yune - The Fast and the Furious, Die Another Day) is taken in by a ruthless killer (Keith David - Dirty, Crash) and raised to follow in his footsteps. An assassin's trade is solitary by nature, but Chance shares a tight bond with his adopted-brother, Miles (Bokeem Woodbine - TV's "Saving Grace," Ray), who's elected a more honorable path, working as a bodyguard for a sultry pop star (Dania Ramirez, TV's "Heroes"). When Chance is contracted to gun down his brother's client, he realizes that there's finally a line he cannot cross. Uniting with his brother to stave off an expected hit, Chance finds himself targeted by the elite members of his own profession as he struggles to protect a woman who stubbornly rejects his services. Set against the steamy backdrop of Bangkok, this action thriller is bursting with some of the meanest stunts and fight scenes. This is high-octane action at its best.

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