Every year, over a million babies are born worldwide with a hereditary disease. Most of these illnesses are serious, and many are fatal. For most of the history of medicine, doctors could only treat symptoms. Now an elite cadre of pioneers - gene doctors - is starting to target root causes. Through intimate stories of families whose lives are being transformed, The Gene Doctors takes viewers to the frontlines of a medical revolution. Growing up, Kimberly Ramirez spent most Christmases in the hospital. Her cystic fibrosis is now under control thanks a new pill. Brothers Austin and Max LeClair, who have muscular dystrophy, are both feeling better thanks to a newly approved drug. With a rare eye disease, Molly Troxel was saved from blindness by gene therapy. With early successes and new treatments on the horizon, families battling genetic diseases have never had such good reasons for hope.

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