The Last Haven, adapted from a novel by Yves Thériault, tells the story of an old Quebecois fisherman who lives in a small and remote fishing village in the Gaspe area. In his eighties, the man knows his days are numbered and resents the indignities of his useless life. In the modern world of mechanized fishing there is no longer place for his knowledge or skill. Belonging to a big fishing company and fishing by the ton in huge trawlers is the lot of his son, a lot which he seems happy enough to accept, since it has brought prosperity, but it is a fate which the old man despises. He also despises the other old men of the village who have accepted their lot as old men and have turned their backs to the sea. One day, strolling about the shore, the old fisherman falls upon an abandoned boat. He will spend days and days fixing it up to eventually take it out for one last, glorious sail on the ocean...

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