"The Power of Glove" is a documentary chronicling the history & legacy of the notoriously "bad" Nintendo Power Glove, the first mass-marketed gesture-based video game controller. Released by Mattel in 1989, the Power Glove was the brainchild of the optimistic pioneers in the 1980s virtual reality frontier, and it was hyped as a revolutionary device that would change the way humans interact with computers. Humans were in for disappointment, though, because most kids & critics thought the Power Glove just plain sucked. Its performance didn’t live up to its hype, and it was quickly relegated to bargain bins as a worthless gimmick. Nearly three decades after its release, however, a small but dedicated fanbase has brought new life to the Power Glove by hacking & repurposing it into musical instruments, art projects, virtual reality devices, and a slew of other creative ends. By bridging the link between the 1980s and the current V.R. revival, "The Power of Glove" tells the story of how & why the Power Glove lives on.

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