Brian is a 8 year old growing up in TechWood urban housing in Atlanta during the 80’s. Its normal for Brian to awaken by the sound of his mom selling her body to keep the lights on, but one night the screams of his 15 year old sister,Tasha, wake him in the night. He vows to take care of the women in his life and get them out of the lifestyle. The only window out is through drugs. Often as outsiders looking in we see certain things that may be going on in the “ghetto” that we frown upon. Sometimes we are even judgmental, thinking that we are better. The one thing that is misunderstood about Urban environment “ghettos” is that the residents live inside a box.The lack exposure to the world around them, and for most they feel trapped in their environment. When this happens you become a product of your environment. This product can be something good or bad, but we can conclude that you are who you are from your environmental experiences. This story depicts the life of a young boy, Brian, who wants out but the only images of success that he sees are the drug dealers around him. Yes he knows about doctors and lawyers, however where he is from he is taught that those are not options that are easily attainable. He’s told by teachers that he can’t go to college, he’s told by adults that, “where you are is where you will be and it's your place.” Brian, the main character resorts to joining the drug game to stop his mom from selling her body to take care of him and his siblings. Through this story we see exactly how the kids in these environments get lured into the drug game and how they see it as their only way out.

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