Filmed over the course of two years, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans (and rivers and lakes in-between) this wildlife documentary follows The Riddle Solvers on a wild and musical journey to solve a riddle found in a magic bottle. What connects all life on earth? Plunge into a vivid blue ocean with a baby loggerhead sea turtle adrift on the currents, meet singing tide pool creatures who depend on the rhythm of the tides, hear the seasonally changing frog opera and follow a one-legged pirate on a quest to find his lost family heirloom peg leg. Children of all ages will enjoy the journey to find the answer to this mysterious riddle: Always moving here to there, never stopping anywhere, with no string or rope or tether, this connects us all together.

Winner of over 20 awards, including the KIDS FIRST! Best of the Year Award, NAPPA Gold Award, Best Children's Program at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival, Best Children’s Program at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Special Jury Award at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Best Children’s Film at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Best Educational Short at the International Family Film Festival, the iParenting Media Award of Excellence, and Four Stars/Editors Choice from Video Librarian.

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Cast & Crew

Laura Sams
Robert Sams
Dave Cain
Laura Sams
Robert Sams


Sisbro Studios, LLC
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English (Stereo)


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