"The State of Eugenics" is the true story of survival, deception and the battle for justice in North Carolina for thousands who were sterilized against their will between 1933 and 1974. The film follows researchers and journalists who delve into dusty archives to bring North Carolina’s extensive eugenics program into the sunlight. When the journalists succeed in connecting those files to living survivors and the vast network of perpetrators is revealed, a grassroots movement begins, tirelessly insisting the state confront its nefarious past. The documentary brings into focus the human tragedy that unfolded behind closed doors for decades, and gives voice to survivors who believed their poverty would leave their stories untold and their pain unrecognized. The sterilization program ended in the 1970s after a landmark lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of survivor Nial Ruth Cox, but the battle to compensate these survivors continues today across the United States.

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